At Dynasty Auto Body, Inc., our focus is on craftsmanship, equipment and design when it comes to aligning and repairing modern vehicles.  That's why we use Car-O-Liner's revolutionary EVO system, in conjunction with their versatile Quick 42 alignment bench.

EVO is based on modern modularity - a system in three parts with few components, where each component can be assembled with the others in a multitude of configurations.  EVO, combined with our craftsmanship, can handle every imaginable anchoring and fixturing situation!

Quick 42 is a phenomenal, multi-functional bench designed to manage every type of damage productively and accurately.  Fast set-up, easy access, on-wheels measuring, quick anchoring and adjustable working height are some of the Quick 42 features that measurably decrease repair time.  Cosmetic repairs can be made while the vehicle is still on its wheels.  And if structural damage is discovered, the repairs can begin immediately without changing benches.

That's efficiency!